A Translation Agency Can Take on Many Other Roles

Of course you do not have to explain to your organization the usefulness of translation agencies: translations help you make your messages readable, and to reach ” the other side of the world. ” This specialist service is widely used, it seems almost obvious. But did you know that translation do much more than just translating? Chinese translation agencies work hard to keep up in the rapidly developing digital age and become a full-service company.

There are five things that you or your boss probably did not know about us:

different roles of translation agencies

1. Paper and pixels 

Most agencies have decades of experience in translating books and texts. However, traditional letters on paper are increasingly replaced by pixels on a screen. Therefore agencies are fully informed of the latest (online) technologies. They know the implementation of foreign language websites, they can often extract website texts and works directly with complicated file formats and content systems. They’re more than willing to apply the latest technology to your organization.

2. Always a second opinion

With their large network of native translators,  companies are always available to get the right people to translate your text. But did you know that they always have a second pair of eyes to review your text? Translation is a people business, and especially for large text, there may be language mistakes. A second translator will thoroughly checking your text, to ensure your texts are translated to be flawless.

3. Completely finished

Agencies also have all the expertise to deliver your book or text fully in the correct layout. You can request your translations to be printed and your documents can be directly put into use. By using a network of graphic designers and desktop publishers, your needs are taken good care of.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Texts are written to be read. To increase the chances of this in today’s online jungle, most agencies also provide full support in the field of SEO and online marketing campaigns; good agencies also speak the language of the search engines. Project managers instruct or lead translators to translate in an SEO-friendly way.

5. Reliable business partnership

Did you know you can consider your agency as your partner in the business world? A specialist that you can always count on for the best translations for your organization? A project manager experienced due to long-term cooperation with international companies, big and small. Join forces and new opportunities will present themselves, if you take the step to send your message in another language.