6 Essentials for Every Translation Quote Submission

1. The document(s) for translation. 

We have all hit ‘Send’ prior to attaching our intended documents. However, without having the documents attached, our team will not be able to provide you with a cost estimate. Furthermore, sending live files rather than scanned images or PDFs saves time and cuts costs!

2. Sponsor Study # and/or Internal Project #.

When translating documents for clinical trials, study numbers are usually required to be listed on the certificates of translation. Providing study numbers and/or internal project codes also becomes essential when we archive projects for future use. We utilize these identifiers to locate common documents in our archive for reference, which ensures consistency, or to reuse text, resulting in archive savings. Additionally, study numbers are often needed for invoicing and billing purposes.

3. Target Language and Country.

Providing the target language(s) and target country(ies) is vital to ensuring your translation is properly localized. Eliminate delaying your project by garnishing this information at the time of your original request.

4. Expected delivery date.

Equipping our team with your desired delivery date will help in determining whether standard, rush, or both turn-around times and pricing should be presented. Our procedures are built to be flexible – your deadline is our deadline!

5. Certification requirements.

Most of our post-delivery requests are to adjust information presented on certifications. To alleviate this issue, detail specific requirements needed on your certificates of translation upfront including but not limited to: signatures, file names, study numbers and other unique specification. Once we have your preferences well understood we can ensure they are adhered to each time.

6. Special instructions regarding request.

Whether you require a back translation, special file formats returned, have a complex tracked changes project, sophisticated typeset marketing materials, multiple languages required, etc. – providing clear and concise instructions allows our Client Services team to thoroughly understand your expectations. This will allow our Team to help tailor every project to your needs every time!