5 Tips for a Fruitful Cooperation with a Translation Agency

tips for cooperation with translation agency

A good Chinese translation agency does what it can to satisfy customers. There are several essential do’s and don’ts that should be taken into account for each project. Clients sometimes are not sufficiently aware that they themselves also play an important role in the translation process. Translation agencies and experts have an advisory role and here we are providing you with tips to avoid disappointing translation results.

Tip 1. Discuss mutual expectations

Discuss at the beginning of a partnership with a Chinese translation agency and know what your expectations are. Make proper arrangements regarding style, tone of voice and terminology. Then create a project clarifying what the purpose of the translation is and what’s the target language of the texts to be translated. This is essential information for project managers to produce a successful translation result.

Tip 2. Provide a good source text

Pay attention to the texts to be translated. It seems logical, however, it regularly happens that Chinese translation agencies have source texts with, for example, badly written sentences. You can imagine what this means for the translated text. After all, in principle, a Chinese translator translates simply to reflect the source and do not like to edit the text. Of course, the editing of the source text and / or translation, is no problem at all for a Chinese translation company, but do not consider it as a matter of course.

Some Chinese translators will give of themselves feedback on the source, but that does not always happen. Make it clear to the Chinese translation services company that you’re open to suggestions from language professionals working on the translation and strive together for both a good source text as well as translation.

Tip 3. Work with the agency 

Working with a Chinese translation agency and together build a strong partnership. You understand after reading tip one that is built up extensive knowledge about your business or brand with the Chinese translation company. In a translation company your contact is linked to an account manager. These account works internally with solid project managers and a team of specialist Chinese translators who know your business. You do not like to repeat over and over again the basic things, such as the tone of voice. In addition, request from the Chinese translation agency the translation memories and glossaries created specifically for you. These are enhanced with each job, and will benefit the quality of future translations.

Tip 4. Multilingual content delivers revenue

Remember that you reach your (potential) customers abroad with a well translated, multilingual website or webshop. Translation initially seems a cost but can simply bring in revenue. With online shops a short time-to-market is essential. The translation such as product descriptions must therefore be a delaying factor. Consider therefore translating as an integral part of your communication and / or production. Go into a partnership with a Chinese translation agency where the right tools and language talents are adopted.

Tip 5. Avoid corrections by a bilingual person who’s not a translator

Translation companies sometimes get complaints that there are errors in the translation, which prove to be delivered without any fault after investigation by the client. Often, the translation is edited by an employee of the client who is not a professional Chinese translator. Therefore, avoid the situation where a non-professional will “improve” the professional’s work.

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