importance of translation for companies

The size of your company has reached a level that implies an expansion to international markets. Do you need translations of product descriptions, user manuals, and marketing brochures? It ‘s time to find a professional Chinese translation service that can handle this job. It is not easy, right? Is there really a Chinese translation agency can juggle the 30 languages that are used for new markets for your product? Yes, we are! We can help you turn your products into profit in foreign markets, creating content in various languages with translations done by professional translators. But how? We talk about it in three points:

Say No to automatic translations!

You’ve probably already tried using some online translation systems like Google Translate. You will have found that for some languages it works. For example, if you translate from German into English, it works and the translations can be understood roughly. But a professional translation is something different. Although machine translation software are improved, they cannot reach the level of human perfection. The technical and legal translators with years of experience will provide perfect translations in their native languages and, after review and editing, you are ready to use the translations for your products in foreign countries. The native translators are familiar with the nuances of the language of their country of origin and this means that the final text is reliable.

You do not have to do the project management – it is our job

Sometimes our customers are trying to find freelance translators for each language. Thinking to save. Virtually becoming their own Project Manager. But when it comes to translating a dozen languages, and long-term jobs, it is easier to work with a reliable Chinese translation agency that can handle all the work. Freelance translators are not always available. We also have different translators specialized in different sectors. We have a proofreading process. We are prepared for any emergency, and problems that may arise. We will lift the entire weight of the organization, management, timing. All you have to do is send us the files in the original language and we take care of the rest.

The file format is important – also send Quark and InDesign files!

The product descriptions and user manuals are often published and printed in your language long before they are sent for translation. It means that you probably have them in Quark or InDesign format or else it is ready for printing. So why send in word? Why not send the original files? If you do so you not only translate your documents but also create files ready for print in any language. This saves time and money and your product is ready to be launched in other markets.


You understand that we can really faclitate your translations needs with quality translation by real translators, a comprehensive management of the project and delivery of files ready for printing! This is for all the documents of your company.