10 Crucial Ways to Ensure High Quality Translations

It’s the million dollar question that is a staple to your company’s global success: How are you sure your translations are high quality – especially if you don’t speak the language?

Some may argue it’s a matter of partnering with a good vendor. Others may assume it’s leveraging a translation management system. Some may even go the lengths to say it’s all about the qualifications of a linguist. We’d have to say… it’s all of these things!

Over the course of the last several weeks, we’ve shared 10 blog posts that have given numerous tips and professional advice on how to implement and monitor processes to ensure you get high quality Chinese translations. So in case you missed any of the series, here’s the full list of posts on how to ensure you receive high quality translations and take your localization programs to a whole new level.

Part 1: Creating a quality plan

To reduce the likelihood of translation missteps from the beginning, companies need to work with their translation vendor(s) to plan out a process that instills quality translations. This post poses questions that will help you better understand the scope of your translation processes before you begin translations – so you can manifest quality from the start.

Part 2: Evaluating linguists

Since linguists serve as the core of quality translations, you have to be sure your translation provider is thoroughly evaluating a linguist for the best match before assigning him or her to your projects. This post lays out how vendors should evaluate linguists to fit your project needs and how you can be sure your project is in the hands of the right certified professional.

Part 3: Industry standards

There are several industry certifications and standards that a translation vendor can adhere to in order to ensure they have processes in place to provide high quality translations. This post examines some of the most important and common translation industry standards that enable you to derive even more value from a vendor’s services.

Part 4: Checks and balances

Quality needs to be considered at every step of the translation workflow, not just at the beginning or end. This post looks at the different checks and balances you can measure throughout the entire translation workflow to pinpoint any possible mishaps and ensure high quality translations.

Part 5: Measuring factors

Translation can be very subjective, which can make quality expectations seem hard to reach. This post illustrates that by having a vendor who can manage the content elements of your project – such as terminology, language and style – you’re a lot less likely to face inconsistencies.

Part 6: Planning for corrective action

When issues occur that can affect the quality of your translations, it’s important that your vendor has a clear corrective action plan. Not only do you need these issues quickly resolved, you also do not want the same issues to occur on future translations. This post shows how it can be done.

Part 7: Addressing linguistic concerns

If linguistic concerns do arise, you need to be confident that your translation vendor takes necessary actions to defuse the issue – including working with the linguist to meet your expectations, continually evaluating his or her work and removing that person from your project, if necessary. This post explains how vendors properly address linguist concerns to ensure you receive high quality translations.

Part 8: Auditing your vendor

The last thing you want to do is enter into a contract with a translation vendor and later find out their processes are not adequate. This post examines how to audit a vendor so you can be sure their processes equate to high quality translations and that your content is safe in their possession.

Part 9: Partnering with your vendor

While the work of your translation vendor heavily influences your translation’s quality, your actions are just as valuable. This post introduces several ways to take translation quality influence into your own hands and become a partner in your vendor’s workflow.

Part 10: Providing business metrics

Even after your translation project is all said and done, your translation vendor’s work is far from over. In fact, some of the most useful information can come from a vendor’s analysis of your translation projects. This post includes a list of five reports that are worth requesting from your vendor to monitor translation quality performance.

Thanks for following our blog series on ensuring high quality translations – we hope we’ve given you some tips on how to achieve your business’s expectations!

Quality is a top priority!

Resource Manager, Janine Dunn, discusses the team’s dedication to quality management systems

Having worked at the company for 18 years, I have witnessed firsthand how we have developed a team that prioritises providing excellent quality of service. Consequently, I’m delighted to share the news that we have, once again, met the highest industry standard for quality and retained our ISO9001 accreditation.

This is a certified quality management system (QMS) which allows us to show our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet the needs of their customers.

Every three years our accreditation is reassessed and we are measured on five key areas of the business: facilities, people, training, services and equipment.  I am a member of the internal audit team and we are ever vigilant to ensure that all quality procedures are aligned with these five areas, not just in the run up to the audit but as a matter of routine.

For example, we use our monthly internal meetings to report on how our procedures are running and to relay important customer feedback to the team. It’s a great opportunity to make staff aware of positive comments and also to discuss different ways we can do things.

The period leading up to the assessment necessitates additional work but it’s definitely worth it as the long-term benefit is that we increase customer satisfaction levels and improve productivity. We also believe the fact that we actively look to achieve ISO9001 without contractual obligation, underlines our commitment to quality.

By maintaining and following the ISO accreditation we are developing a system that works effectively for us so that we can come together as a team and share best practices.

A big well done to all involved in ensuring that our accreditation has been reissued!

What is a True Quality Translation Service?

Quality should be a given in the eyes of the customer buying a professional service. Professional implies that the product will be good and fit for purpose.

Here at YBD Translations we are, first and foremost, a people business. We are reliant on the quality of our staff to ensure that quality prevails at all times.

However, it is not enough to have good people. In addition to linguistic demands, projects can be technically challenging as well. A range of technology and formats, legacy materials, terminology management, in-country sign off and longer supply chains mean that quality as a given becomes more than just relying on the right linguistic team.

So, it is critically important we have the right processes, technologies and approach to add value when working with teams within organisations to deliver projects on time and to budget.

Quality is impacted by more than just how good the written words are. Competence in the latest technology is key to localise eLearning tools, apps, content management systems or learning management systems.

Without effective project management of the entire workflow, quality is difficult to achieve.

Did we integrate seamlessly with the customer’s technology? Was their time to market reduced because we could work directly with their systems? It is noteworthy that our internal quality meetings review so much more than whether customers are happy with the words we translate. Our latest quality stats confirm we are meeting our quality objectives and that we are getting the balance right between robust procedures, technological competence, customer experience and of course linguistic excellence.

What is a given is that at YBD we are committed to deliver superior quality.